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MADE TO STICK: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die
by Chip Heath and Dan Heath
Random House, January 2007

Bestseller lists: Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Amazon.com

Media highlights: NBC-TV "The Today Show", CNBC-TV, NPR, New York Times, U.S. News & World Report, Inc. cover feature, Fast Company, Businessweek.com, Psychology Today, Men's Health, Worth, Boston Globe.

Overview: The authors were unknowns but Mark Fortier worked with Random House to create a balance of business and crossover mainstream media by using customized pitches that would appeal to different audiences. We translated the book's message into visual ideas that could be taped for mainstream television shows like The Today Show and we developed news pegs for the authors to comment on such as Superbowl Ads to secure business news media like CNBC.

by Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne
Harvard Business School Press, February 2004

Bestseller lists: Wall Street Journal, Businessweek, #1 on 800-CEO-READ list Over 1 million copies sold

Media highlights: New York Times interview, Businessweek review, Financial Times review, Fast Company review and feature, Inc. interview, Boston Globe interview, Chicago Tribune review, Philadelphia Inquirer review, Dalllas Morning News review, 2 features in Investor's Business Daily, Bloomberg Television, ABC News Now, Marketwatch Radio, Public Radio International, Chief Executive 3-page adaptation, American Way review, strategy+business review.

Overview: One challenge of the book was that the authors were virtual unknowns in the U.S. and didn't live here. But Mark Fortier arranged meetings for the authors at major media outlets, focused attention on the book's core idea, and helped the authors to create a strong presence in the U.S. speaking circuit by signing the authors with the Leigh Bureau speakers agency, and by arranging lectures for them at Microsoft, Starbucks, and other venues around the country. The book became the fastest selling title ever published by Harvard Business School Press, it coined one of today's most talked about strategy catchphrases, and it has sold over one million copies. The publisher came back to Mark Fortier for a follow-up campaign.

By Clayton Christensen and Michael Raynor
Harvard Business School Press, October 2003

Bestseller lists: New York Times, Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek, Amazon.com

Media Highlights: New York Times feature and follow-up mention, 2 interviews in USA Today, Associated Press interview, Washington Post review, 2 interviews in the San Jose Mercury News, Investor's Business Daily interview, The Economist mention, Public Radio International's "Marketplace", NPR's "Brain Brew."

Overview: The book received coverage from every target outlet in the business press and we arranged two full days of back to back meetings with the authors and various editors and journalists. The book's sales have remained steadily very high, especially for a high-level business theory book.

THE POWER OF WE: Succeeding Through Partnerships
by Jonathan Tisch, CEO of Loews Hotels
Wiley September 2004

Bestseller lists: Wall Street Journal, 800-CEO-READ: #1 on the bestseller list

Media: "The Today Show", "Larry King Live," "Charlie Rose," "The Early Show," "Nightly Business Report", CNBC, Fox News Channel, ABC News Now, Bloomberg TV, Blooomberg Radio, CBS Radio, Business Talk Radio, U.S. News & World Report, Vanity Fair item, New York Times review, Wall Street Journal bylined op-ed, Chicago Tribune review, Boston Globe interview, Miami Herald interview, Philadelphia Inquirer review, New York Post 3 items, New York Daily News item, Washington Post 2 items, Travel+Leisure interview, Men's Health interview, American Way interview, New York magazine photo.

Overview: Mark Fortier secured major business press for the book, and also positioned the partnership message broadly to attain crossover attention in mainstream media. He booked a 7 city tour and connected Tisch with a TV network that invited him to host his own show, which has been running ever since. Tisch came back to Mark Fortier to handle his next book, which will publish in 2007.

THE REAL DEAL: My Life in Business and Philanthropy
by Sandy Weill, founder of Citigroup
Warner Business Books; October 2006

Bestseller lists: New York Times nonfiction and business lists, Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek.

Media highlights:

National Public Radio's "Morning Edition" and "On Point," "Charlie Rose", "The Early Show," CNN, CNBC, Fox News Channel, Nightly Business Report on PBS, C-Span, USA Today interview, New York Times interview, Businessweek review, Fortune review, The Economist review and interview, GQ interview, Associated Press interview, Bloomberg interview, Dow Jones News Service, Wall Street Journal 2 mentions, Investor's Business Daily 2-part interview, Financial Times review and interview, Washington Post review, US News & World Report review, Philadelphia Inquirer interview, Detroit News interview, Baltimore Sun interview, Miami Herald interview, Houston Chronicle interview, Chief Executive interview, Bloomberg Radio interview.

Overview: The book was embargoed for a Financial Times first serial sold by the publisher, and received widespread print and broadcast attention in national press and on a thirteen city tour. USA Today ran a feature on the book's tour and campaign.

Getting Your Message Heard in a Noisy World
By Linda Kaplan Thaler and Robin Koval
Currency/Doubleday, October 2003

Bestseller lists: Wall Street Journal, Amazon.com

Media highlights: ABC-TV "Good Morning America" interview, New York Times interview, U.S. News & World Report interview, Fast Company review, Elle interview, Chicago Tribune interview, Chicago Sun-Times article, New York Observer article, Miami Herald review, Continental Magazine interview, Entpreneur review, Chief Executive interview, BrandWeek excerpt, AdWeek review, CNBC's "Kudlow & Cramer," CNNfn, Bloomberg TV, First Business TV, CBS Radio Network, Business Talk Radio Network.

Overview: Mark Fortier broke the book out of the advertising/marketing book genre with network television coverage and major mainstream print by leveraging the book's pop culture angle and showing how its advice applied to all people. The book hit the bestseller list in its first week of publication. The authors came back to Mark Fortier for their next book The Power of Nice: Conquering the Business World with Kindness, which also became a bestseller.

F'D COMPANIES: Spectacular Dot-Com Flameouts
by Phillip Kaplan
Simon & Schuster; April, 2002

Media Highlights: 20/20 (ABC-TV), Entertainment Weekly, Business Week, Newsweek, Associated Press, Morning Edition(NPR), Marketplace(NPR), Wall Street Journal interview.

Bestseller Lists: Los Angeles Times, Business Week.

Book Tour: Newspaper, Television, radio and bookstore events in New York, Chicago, Boston, Washington, Los Angeles and Seattle.

Overview: Having made a name for himself on his website which reported on failed internet companies, we positioned him as an expert on failed companies of all kinds and one of the most entertaining and irreverent commentators on business news. The response was solid, bringing crowds to lectures and parties and a full media schedule in every tour city. Kaplan became the coda to the dot.com story that so captivated the business media and high tech followers. The book hit a number of local bestseller lists and went to a third printing.